Friday, September 18, 2015

Daring Greatly has become contagious at Cinco Ranch

Hello cougars! I hope everyone is having a great fourth week of school, It's hard to believe we are already a month into school.

My name is Allie Schauer, and this is my final year at Cinco. The past four years have been a blast; between Chorale and Bravo, honor societies, and AP course loads, I’ve stayed busy. I practically live on the Cinco campus. While every year has had its ups and downs, I don’t think I would change a thing about my high school experience. Cinco Ranch has been a wonderful environment in which to spread my wings – it has more than prepared me for my future.

This blog, while promoting school spirit and unity, seems to be centered around the idea of taking risks sans fear or failure consuming you. My interpretation of this idea splits risks into two categories: everyday risks and opportunity risks. Everyday risks are the little things, like daring to answer a question in class even though you aren’t certain your answer is right or having to present a project in front of your class and knowing that you’re subject to instantaneous criticism. These tasks can be daunting, hence the risk. Opportunity risks happen when a special event is occurring and you’re given a chance to do something big and impactful by putting yourself on the line.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m in the Bravo Show Choir. For the past three years, I’ve sung in all group numbers and have had substantial solos, but those solos have always been accompanied by the rest of the ensemble. I’ve never performed a solo for a Bravo show while alone on stage. Until now. In “Smokey Joe’s CafĂ©,” this fall’s Bravo show which will be presented at 7:30pm on September 18th, and 19th, I’ll be performing a solo solo, and to be completely honest, I’m nervous about it. Singing alone on stage in front of a huge crowd…the fear of potentially messing up and embarrassing myself in front of my peers increases as show night draws nearer. But because I’m proud of Bravo and of the work I’ve put into improving my vocal skills over the past four years in the Cinco choir program, I’m ready to try my hand at something new. Fingers crossed, the show goes exactly as planned without any blunders, but even if it doesn’t, at least I tried. This is my current chance, my opportunity risk, and I’m going at it with everything I’ve got.

Everyday risks are just as important as opportunity risks, as every decision you make, every internal battle you win, helps you grow as an individual. My mantra, which is actually from the P90X workout regimen, is “do your best and forget the rest.” Without taking risks, you don’t know what you’re capable of. If you do your best in taking every opportunity you’re given, from speaking in class to singing in front of hundreds, you might find yourself growing in ways you never imagine.

I challenge you to branch out and try something you’ve never done, either because you feared the task or were afraid of failing it. If you’re up to it, let us know in the comments about your experience – in the process you might learn something about yourself.

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love if you’d join me as I take on my risk at the Bravo show in the PAC at 7:30 on September 18th and 19th! Have a great rest of your week, Cougars!

Allie Schauer, Senior


  1. Great post, Allie! I can't wait to see you perform in Smoky Joe's Cafe.

  2. We always jam out to you solo backstage. You sound incredible every time.