Thursday, May 12, 2016

Daring Greatly...with a twist

40 years ago, at the enlightened age of 17, I remember telling friends in my homemaking class that all I wanted to do was raise children: LOTS of them. That's all. I distinctly remember telling them it was going to take a SCHOOL BUS to transport all of the children I would have.  Might sound a bit old-fashioned to some, but I honestly and truly meant it and so looked forward to doing just that.

So, since my parents, who grew up in the depression, wanted every one of their six children to attain a college education, no matter the sacrifice on their part, I decided the best college degree I could pursue would be one in education. Makes sense, right? So, after graduating from Boling High School in 1977, a graduating class with 81 students, I proceeded to pursue a degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Well, I achieved the degree and loved every aspect of that process, but in order to achieve my ultimate goal... I sort of needed a husband. 

Fast forward six years, and voila! I found my prince, Leonard Morrison. Leonard and I have always believed God "arranged" our marriage, and we both wanted LOTS of children. So, we knew I needed to get my masters very quickly before we started having babies.  Thus, I got my MA in public school administration in record-breaking time. Fast forward through some wonderful parts and some hard stuff…  And, now that I am retiring and reflecting on my years as an educator, well, I still think I would have been an amazing momma to a bus load of kids. OH WAIT! Over these 35 years, it HAS indeed taken many, many buses to transport my children. I have loved so many kiddos; I have treasured so many staff members; I have worked for outstanding principals; and I have partnered with many of my children's parents. 

So, in daring greatly, sometimes the plans change. But the plans are still so good, and I have absolutely NO regrets. 

Thank you, Cinco family. I have cherished this time with you and will now DROP THE MIC for the next generation to pick up and carry on. Go Cougars!

Cheryl Morrison, Freshmen Assistant Principal
Proud Cinco Ranch Cougar

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