Thursday, October 13, 2016

Daring Greatly Finds Fulfillment – a Cinco Dad’s perspective

I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs as they come out, and was inspired since the first installment by Principal Cross.  The talk of Daring Greatly: understanding one’s vulnerability, putting yourself out there to be seen in order to find fulfillment; intrigued me, and had me looking at my own parenting style with my daughters.

My oldest daughter graduated from Cinco last year.  I remember her freshman year was hard on the entire family.  She had sustained a back injury over the summer leading up to freshman tryouts and ended up not making the volleyball team.  After some coaxing from Mom and I, she reluctantly tried out for the dance team and didn’t make it.  In the spring she tried the local swim team, but didn’t enjoy that either.  Then over the summer she told us she wanted to join FFA; we didn’t know the organization was offered at Cinco.  I remember dropping her off at the barns for Ag Olympics.  She didn’t know anyone there.  The look of being lost was all over her face.  As I dropped her off, I said “Well, have fun with this, and make some friends.”  When I returned a few hours later I saw a completely different look on her face.  She found her home.  Over the next few years, she competed in District, Area, State, and National competitions for Entomology, Public Speaking, Radio Broadcasting, Parliamentary Procedure.  She attended leadership conferences in Washington DC and within the state of Texas.  For two seasons, she led the students with a service project that donated over 200 toys to needy children for the Christmas season, and she served as an officer, most notably the President.  I remember the night before her officer interview, I asked her if she wanted to be the president of her chapter.  She said “yes, of course!”.  I said “well then, you need to respectfully ask for consideration.”.  She and her Mom thought I was crazy.  But she went ahead and asked, and a week later it was announced, she was their president.  In addition to the competitions and service projects, she raised animals; lambs, steers and one heifer, which we still own today.  She made life-long friendships in FFA, and I enjoyed it as her core group of friends joined the program after they saw how much fun she was having; they succeeded in the program as well.  She’s in college, now, studying her passion, Agricultural Science.  She moved in with some roommates she didn’t know, but after her life lessons at Cinco, this was not even an issue. 

Her high school experience inspired the rest of our family.  Her younger sister attended a mission trip over the summer with a group of students, none of which she knew beforehand.  Now, she has a completely new set of friends and is attending a weekly bible study group with them. 

Mr. Cross wrote about putting yourself out there to be seen in order to find fulfillment.  I got to witness this, firsthand, with my daughters the last few years. That freshman year was hard on the entire family and it took her to dare greatly, to find her passion and determination today.  So go out and Dare Greatly . . . The life lessons you gain, will follow you for years to come.  Thank you CRHS!

Kurt Atkinson