Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Cinco: United We Stand: A Student's Perspective

Everything is silent but the echoing of the voices and the snapping of the flag. All attention is turned to one stunning sight, colored red, white, and beautiful blue. Both the sounds of lips moving along to the words of our nation’s song and the booming cries of veterans in the audience reverberate in the stadium. This fleeting flash of unity is what excites me most about Cinco’s football games.

Every week as I watch the flapping flag and listen to the national anthem, I am fixated on the respectful silence yet unintentional noise of the crowd. Though the noise reminds me of our varying reasons for coming to the game — perhaps to show support, perhaps to socialize — I am lost in the allure of the silence because it represents a brief but significant moment which we all share together. Once the song ends, the football team gets ready to play, the Stars walk off the field, the fans in the bleachers scream and shout. Everyone goes back to their life, but in that moment we were one.

Because in that moment, when we are all turned the same direction with our hands on our hearts, singing the same words, all that is felt is unanimity. For those two minutes we are enveloped in a concept greater than us all and a feeling of oneness that supersedes any feeling of divergence. I feel that in this occasion, the football players, the Cougar Stars, the cheerleaders, the coaches, the band, and the audience all realize how blessed we all are to be given the privilege to savor the freedom to come together and enjoy, in my opinion, Texas’ favorite pastime. Additionally, in this moment, sparks of pride are lit within us all. Pride of course for our nation, but more importantly for our school (especially when our lovely choir is singing the national anthem so wonderfully).

This moment stands out to me because I believe it encapsulates the spirit of Cinco Ranch. Our school is one of unmatched diversity and camaraderie: two principles that every school tries to achieve but rarely obtains because of their paradoxical relationship. In almost every environment, differences seem to divide, while at Cinco it is a force that unites. As the celebrations for Cinco’s 20th anniversary continue, I believe this ideal Cinco has reached should be highlighted as one of its finest accomplishments. 

Lauren Parker, Senior
Student Council President

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